Once in a Blue Moon - Ken Christopher Ping


Title of the Book: Once in a Blue Moon
Author: Ken Christopher Ping

Genre: Short stories

Publication date: May 27, 2013
Source: Free ecopy courtesy of an author in exchange for an honest review. 

Brief Synopsis:

A small collection of three short stories: Of Sand and Castles; The Mother's Day Gift; and the title story, an enchanting fairytale, Once in a Blue Moon.

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Other online stores: Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo 

Review (3,5 stars)

Once in Blue Moon is a collection of three short stories having important message of their own to say. Consisting of tales about essence of being human and with sprinkles of magic the short read was enjoyable. 

Of Sand and Castles

Tries to find the answer to the question: What's more important: to please others or to be happy just the way you are?

The Mother's Day Gift 

Sneaky but successful attempt to crawl under my skin and break my heart. Little boy sees a perfect gift for her mother to give on Mother's day. This was just a really beautiful little story, makes me cry only by mere thought about it. The Mother's Day Gift certainly stays in my thoughts for a longer time.

"And obviously he learned about good manners and about right and wrong, because despite all the days he would ever spend in school, his mom was his real teacher, she was his sculptor, who would mould him to be all that he should be in the world"  

Once in a Blue Moon.

Beautiful little story with a sprinkle of magic, in which Bow tries turn impossible into the possible.

In conclusion - this little book was an inspiring and magical read.