Dreams of the Cursed

Review (3 well-earned stars):


Dreams of the Cursed" is a sequel to a spectacular book "Legacy of a Dreamer". I really enjoyed the first one in the "Dreamer" series, so I grabbed the opportunity to read the second book.

"The Dreams of the Cursed" starts there where the first one stops. There is few breathing space for Chantal and Mathias as they have to fight against evil forces. The story is heavily packed with action. There is some room left for the romance too, but fortunately not much. Little romance in fantasy fiction is my own personal taste, though.

I liked the writing too, it's beautiful, smooth and therefore, easy to read. Dialogues make this book incredibly fast to go through.

But somehow it took me too long to finish this book. I read many books before finishing this one. I don't know really why, because "The Dreams of the Cursed" was an interesting story...

If you haven't read "Legacy of a Dreamer" you may do so now. And if you have already read the first book and haven't read the second, you have to know what happens with Chantal and her friends, right? And in order to find out ...? Yes, you should read "Dreams of the Cursed".